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Don’t you dig this life?
They call the meek, you whose feet are on the ground.
And if you get too high…
What goes around comes around and brings you down.

'Cause people gonna see you how they wanna see you.
People gonna rate you, people gonna hate you.
People gonna shove you, people gonna love you.
People gonna do whatever makes them feel they own you better.

'Cause everyone knows we're strange.
So why do you feel ashamed?
Everyone knows we’re different.
So why do you feel ashamed?
We love you all the same.

So don’t you ever change.

That’s right.
'Cause if you feel it and if you mean it, don't apologise.
And you will be just fine.
'Cause all they ever need is what you give 'em.
They only put you down if you give ‘em permission.

You’re undernourished, and un-encouraged.
You’re under-rated, and unappreciated.
The world is turning in a different direction to us.
And just look at how far you’ve come.
Considering all of the pushing and spitting and stuff. 

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